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Bayesian Age-Period-Cohort Modelling and Prediction


Please be sure to read the licence agreement before installing the software!



Available Releases


(v1.3.0.1- 22.11.2005)
for Linux
(v1.3.0.1 - 22.09.2005)
for Windows
Extract the bamp.tar file using
       tar xf bamp.linux.tar

Edit the bamp.ini file and you can start the program:

Unzip the downloaded file

Edit the bamp.ini file and you can start the program with a doubleclick on the BAMP-icon.
If you want to use your own ini-files, you have to use a MS-DOS-console:
    bamp ini-file. Please be sure, that the file cygwin1.dll is in the same folder as bamp.exe.

Tested on:
RedHat Enterprise 3
Tested on:
Windows XP

If you test BAMP on another configuration, please let us know !


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The following R code allows yout to create some graphics (in postscript fomat) from the BAMP output.


Please edit the file and insert your starting age group and your starting period. Then execute it with
R --no-save < bamp.R

For Microsoft Windows Users: If you have problems starting, please use dos2unix.exe to convert bamp.ini into unix format. (More on Manual - Quick Steps).  

Licence agreement

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